Line Painting
in Johnstown, PA

Richard N Broadway’s Line Painting is Clear and Affordable

For line painting in Johnstown, PA, and the surrounding areas, trust Richard N Broadway Blacktop & Paving. Our line painting clearly shows customers, patients, and other visitors where parking and handicapped parking is, as well as other information. Fresh line painting is one of the most inexpensive improvements that a business owner, medical facility, or school can make.

Your visitors will notice the improvement right away. Our line painting on a fresh blacktop will stand out for potential customers seeking an impression of your business.

Call Richard N Broadway Blacktop & Paving, LLC at (814) 533-5817 for an estimate on our line painting services.

Our Line Painting is Bold and Gives a Great First Impression

Line painting, or striping, tells your customers and visitors that you operate a professionally maintained facility. The parking lot is the first and last thing customers, parents, and tenants notice when they visit your facility. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is where Richard N Broadway Blacktop & Paving comes in.

We can paint bold lines in various colors, including yellow, blue, and white, to make parking spaces clear for visitors. Speaking of first impressions, look at our photo gallery. Our experience speaks for itself.

We Carefully Measure and Paint Lines, Symbols, and Words

When Richard N Broadway Blacktop & Paving paints your newly paved surface, we do not add lines haphazardly. We measure and render a scale drawing. We use the drawing to map out parking line spaces, disabled parking, fire lanes, and appropriate direction-of-travel symbols.

We can add words and symbols for Stop, Slow, and Yield. We make sure the parking spaces are wide enough, and directional arrows and other symbols can be clearly seen. There will also be no wasted space. Our line painters will paint your parking lot with straight or parallel lines to give your lot a professional look.

Trust Our Team to Add Handicapped Accessible Parking Spots

As a parking lot owner, you have to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you fail to comply, it can result in hefty fines, lawsuits, and loss of customers. You need handicapped parking spots in your parking lot so disabled customers and patients have easier access to your building.

We can do the line painting and add the appropriate handicapped parking symbol to those spots. We want to make your business or property accessible to all members of your community and keep you in compliance.

Throughout our surrounding service area, contact us today for line painting in Johnstown, PA.