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Richard N Broadway Blacktop & Paving is the Right Choice

If you are doing online research for ‘paving in Westmoreland County, PA,’ you have come to the right place. Richard N Broadway Blacktop & Paving, LLC offers quality paving and blacktopping services in and around Westmoreland County. We have served residents and business owners throughout our service area, including our base in Johnstown, PA, for over 50 years.

Our hard-working team performs paving, sealcoating, line painting, patching, repairing, tar and chip paving, and striping at affordable prices. Trust our experienced blacktop paving specialists for residential and commercial paving in Greensburg, Latrobe, Ligonier, and surrounding areas.

Richard N Broadway Blacktop & Paving, LLC will provide an estimate and answer any of your questions. See some examples in our photo gallery, then call our team at (814) 533-5817 to get started.

Our Paving Services in Latrobe, PA, Include:

Trust Our Team with Your New Driveway in Ligonier, PA

Who can you trust to pave your new driveway in Ligonier, PA? This is an easy question to answer. Rather than you or a friend paving it, trust the experts at Richard N Broadway Blacktop & Paving to do it. We will pave it correctly and efficiently for an affordable price.

Our driveway experts are confident they have the knowledge and skill to provide you with shiny new paving. Your new driveway can be of any length or width and will be durable. You can count on our blacktop paving team.

Avoid the Complaints and Risks with Our Parking Lot Services

Have you received complaints from customers about your parking lot? If cracks, potholes, and fading lines are obvious in your parking lot, then they have become a problem. They might even be costing you business. The cracks and potholes can be a real eyesore and even pose risks of an injury to people and vehicles.

Our blacktop paving team will determine where the problems and potential issues may be. Our parking lot contractor will check for issues in the pavement and suggest what to do next. Richard N Blacktop & Paving can treat the cosmetic and functional damage of your asphalt parking lot.

Contact us first when you need paving in Westmoreland County, PA.